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[07 Apr 2004|01:29pm]


since I can't think of anything else to type about N.K. I'm going to share a story I wrote that involves him.

The concert experience described is semi autobiographical to me. But the story is, in it's whole, a fiction.

I hope you enjoy and the chances are that the link at the bottom won't work for you...
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Aww look it's a bouncing baby Community! [24 Feb 2004|12:04am]

comps_and_arrs is a community for people who are creating New Musical works, or forming old work into New works.
We welcome Professionals and amateurs.
Whether you regularly write parts out for a symphony, or just transcribe a tune you love to an instrument you play.
All sizes, and forms welcome.
Discussion of new products to help us in our work/hobbies is welcome.
Help with music theory would also be welcome.
Bad jokes that make you groan also welcome.
Pretty much anything linkable to composing or arranging music goes.

The interest list so far: (Will welcome suggestions of things to add)

arrangements, art, bass, brass, cello, classical music, coda, composition, drums, duets, electric bass, finale, garage band, midi, movies, music, music history, music theory, musicals, octets, orchestras, original music, percussion, piano, pop music, print music, quartets, quintets, sextets, sheet music, singers, software, symphonies, timpani, trios, trumpets, tubas, viola, violin, woodwinds.
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vivaldi etcetera nevermind sibelius [25 Jan 2004|03:09pm]

[ mood | blocked fer text ]

if were ever to play the four seasons i'd take autumn in the style of kennedy. it kills me.

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Yanked from the current Issue of Strings [16 Oct 2003|11:29pm]
East Meets East Nigel Kennedy, violin, electric violin: the Kroke Band: Tomasz Kurkurba, viola, flues, percussion; Jerzy Bawol, accordion; Thomasz Lato, bass. Guests: vocalist Natacha Atlas and others. (EMI Classics, 7243 5 575 12 2 5)

it's a mix of original and traditional compositions, with an oriental or gypsy flavor throughout. highly improvised it blends accoustic and electric instruments throughout. and as always Kennedy's playing is sweet.

(Horribly paraphrased from the blip in the november issue of strings.)

This little review also says Kennedy is going by Nigel again.
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Thought I might share some landmarks from my wanderings this evening on the web. [23 May 2003|11:23pm]
How something like a Kennedy website avoided me for so Long I have no clue, but Unofficial or not it's a faboo resource on Kennedy, his concerts and actually his instrument(s)


and in a similar vein (Although I did know about this site before) is Vanessa Mae's Homepage at, Strangely enough I know,


(so hard to remember I know.... But we can do it!)

So I figured just so I could pretend that something is happening here I figured I'd post this...
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[19 Apr 2003|12:28am]
[ mood | amused ]

You know you're a music geek when you are rocking out to Vivaldi

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[07 Apr 2003|01:43am]
I'm looking for a fairly detailed, accurate, source of biographical data on
Niccolo Paganini. (in English) any book website or magazine article that
might be somewhere will be fine, even a timeline would be lovely. Or if you
just happen to know when he got the infamous "Cannon", Please let me know.

I'm trying to write a piece of semi-historical fiction about him/his music.
The arrival of the Cannon into his life is of key importance to the story,
but every little detail I can find (or have handed to me) would, I think,
make the story that much better. I tried googling and found nothing more
than what I'd already had. (Which was sadly not much.)

I have no deadlines to meet so feel free to take your time.
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Great Find I think [22 Feb 2003|10:31pm]
I was at the library the other day and I found an amazing book.
Published in 1992 Nigel Kennedy wrote something of an Autobiography, a memoir if you will called Always Playing.

It's a delightful and funny book that has a whole section of pictures of him from when he was ababy up through the production of The Four Seasons album.

I like it so much I am going to try and track it down in a used book store for my collection.

published by St. Martin's Press in the United States.
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[10 Nov 2002|04:37pm]

[ mood | blank ]

heya, introing myself, big fan of violinists fullstop, mostly vanessa mae, but i keep an open ear to all classical muzik.


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Welcome.... [08 Nov 2002|10:53pm]
to the (Dr. Nigel) Kennedy Fan Club...

a place for people who love the bad boy of classical music. Feel free to share pictures, news about recordings Concert dates, and what ever else you can think of.

Please feel free to introduce yourself and share with the group any thoughts you have.
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